Sending a big thank you to listeners of “Believe “ , DJ David Noakes and myself are Number 1 in Brighton Music Charts where I live.

Click and listen https://thelatest.co.uk/music-chart/?track=1660

Spotify link https://open.spotify.com/album/0FNWjBxiHO8NgMb8v2K27V…

The original song ( Number 4 in charts ) is the first that I have written following the death of my soulmate due to cancer……

Click and listen  https://thelatest.co.uk/music-chart/?track=1659

Spotify link https://open.spotify.com/track/6xgAUho16167N0Y1W4rYqU

I was not creative for two years, writing this song was a catharsis for me. Thank you Rob Pearson for your musical arrangements/ production.

My aim is to inspire others to #BelieveInYourself .

I particularly would like to thank Jide Rebirth Macaulay and MsPhyll Opoku who have been and still are inspirational to me, they live their lives challenging homophobia / racism and bring positive like minded communities together 💗.

I am pleased to say that my joy of life has returned. I thank family members and friends that have supported me through my difficult few years. x.x.x

Now go and dance &  #BelieveInYourself 🙂