2015/ 2016 Osaro created a dance duo (Stormbreakerz) and released a single called “Stormbreaker”. Stormbreakerz comprise of Osaro and Brighton based DJ/Producer David Noakes. Together they performed at Brighton Pride , various clubs and received UK/international radio play.
Osaro received his first TV broadcast on local channel Latest TV “Osaro: New Alert”, a program that he created Which has received several broadcasts. OSARO: LATEST TV : NEW MUSIC ALERT

2014 September : Osaro/RJ charted at NUMBER 1 in two charts !!

BRIGHTONS LATEST MUSIC CHART with “SHUT UP AND DANCE” / RadioKillaz remix http://thelatest.co.uk/music-chart/?track=951

and also No.1 on www.reverbnation.com/osaro1 Brighton Dance Music Charts .

2014 August : TAKE IT OFF VIDEO AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON YOUTUBE :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib_tHFXInrs

2014 August : “TAKE IT OFF” SINGLE AVAILABLE FROM I-TUNES : CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/take-it-off-single/id874389954


2014 August : TAKE IT OFF” performed on Main Stage Brighton Pride with video broadcast on large screens. Several club performances also took place across Brighton.

2014: July : Osaro releases “Take it Off”, with a music video.  This is his biggest project to date.


lovin’ u” RJ remix released with youtube promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM-WuWCAD0w 

Loving you is everythingOsaro Vs Deepfrog/Aurelio Esteban remix selected for ” Best in House/Vocal House” compliation https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/best-in-house-vocal-house-2013/id623994577


2012 :Official release date of “Loving you is everything”  :https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/loving-you-is-everything-single/id560112626

BBC2 RADIO/ DJ DAVE PEARCE / “DANCE YEARS”   : broadcast to the nation “Lovin you is everything ” https://soundcloud.com/onlinestudios/dave_pearce_plays_osaro_vs_deepfrog , this was performed at PACHA (LONDON).

Osaro hosts a weekly internet radio show called “Sunday After Party” (UK 2PM-3PM) www.bhcr.org.uk


2011: Osaro and RJ release “SUPERSTAR” an olympic anthem. Osaro continues to perform and now also works closely with club promoters, DJ’s, producers and fashion designers ( www.redmutha.com ).

November: “Shut up and Dance “http://thelatest.co.uk/music-chart/?track=662#sthash.VZddeaPH.dpuf   and “It’s Lifting me”http://thelatest.co.uk/7/music-chart?track=747  enter the local charts again and reach numbers 1 and 2 in Latest 7 download charts (BRIGHTON).

2010: Osaro continues to perform and releases 2 tracks “SHUT UP AND DANCE” with producer RJ and “IT’S LIFTING ME” with producer slipp electro. Both tracks reach Number 1 in Brighton’s Latest 7 download charts.

2009: Released 2nd single “We Be” with Jump Street Entertainment, Osaro produced his first music video with EMMY AWARD WINNER Huw Jenkins http://youtu.be/Juc2xkS7ofk. Osaro performs at “MINISTRY OF SOUND”, BRIGHTON PRIDE, READING PRIDE and internationally in Barcelona (800 clubbers).

2008: DJ’s in France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Holland, Ireland, Greece, South Africa, Australia, U.S.A. and the UK play music by Osaro. Osaro performs at GATECRASHER (SPEEDQUEEN) to 1200 clubbers who gave great support.

2007: Osaro signed to Jump Street Entertainment and released an Electro-House track “SURE LOOKS GOOD TONIGHT” which charted for two weeks at number 8 in the Aussie Dance Charts. London based producers RADIOKILLAZ remix the track. www.myspace.com/radiokillaz. Osaro performs at BRIGHTON PRIDE. Osaro works with several producers and “local bar” is released.

2006: Osaro met club promoters “LOVESTICK” and became their main vocalist in the Brighton club scene.

2005: Following recovery from meningitis, Osaro decided to start writing songs. His first release was titled “Beautiful Sunshine” which he composed with Rob Pearson (www.onlinestudios.co.uk). The song was chosen to be on a HOUSE MUSIC compilation called “I’m Lovin’ it”. The track received good reveiews in DJ magazine and International DJ magazine.